Inland Preschool

Where kids PLAY, learn, grow, explore, & thrive!

About IPS

Inland Preschool is a Non-profit, Christian, Co-op Preschool - Wow that is a mouth full! We are definitely a program that is unique in our community. Please take the time to read through this site to learn more about what exactly all of that means, and stop by for a tour every Wednesday at 9:00 am to see our program in action.

Our Mission Statement

The mission of Inland Preschool is to provide high quality developmentally appropriate learning  experiences for young children through purposeful play. will have numerous opportunities for cognitive, social, and emotional growth through a carefully planned curriculum that utilizes current philosophies and scientific research on early childhood education.  Our program aims to foster a love of God, a love of learning and provide positive first-school experiences that will last a lifetime.

Inland Preschool is located in the quiet community of Calimesa easily accessible to Yucaipa, Beaumont and the surrounding communities where parents and children play and learn together. At Inland Preschool, we bring families into the classroom and into the educational process! Our co-op is built on the idea that parents are essential to their child’s success in school. Our highly qualified teaching staff uses Creative Curriculum, a top NAEYC recommended curriculum, to design purposeful play based activities in math, science, literacy, art, cooking, dramatic play, blocks, and music every day. We believe that when children are immersed in hands on, active participation, they learn more, and when they are free to try new things, explore complex concepts for themselves, and reveal tangible results, they leave preschool with a depth of knowledge that far exceeds the ability to fill in a worksheet! Through PLAY, children learn with ALL their senses and modalities. At IPS, it is our desire to foster in every child a love for learning that stays with them into kindergarten and beyond!

A Co-op is a group of people that come together for a common purpose. At IPS, we are a co-op of parents that come together to educate preschoolers in an amazing environment of family and teacher support for the children we serve! A co-op differs from other schools in how it is managed. A cooperative preschool is guided by a volunteer parent Board of Trustees which meets monthly to establish policies and guidelines for the operation of the school. Parents, in a cooperative situation, have the power to improve their school, and make a difference in their child's education.